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I'm relatively new to freelance writing, so I'm working for lower rates in order to get work.

This client was excellent to work for though, so I'd consider working with her again in the future in a heartbeat.

Half the article was cut without discussion - most importantly, a very personal story from a trauma survivor whose sole purpose in agreeing to speak was to tell her story and make a difference.

If the edit was required to focus the piece, that's absolutely fine - I'm not precious about this and respect editorial judgment. Also because of the hard edit, the pay was far less than promised and several months after submission.

If you would like to contribute additional rates to the database, please click the button below and fill out the form.

For miscellaneous entries, please specify your work type in the comments.The rate, however, is appallingly low for the technical and skilled work performed by the freelance content editors.Freelance content editors are expected to rewrite/edit a large amount of content (often unintelligible); correspond with clients; fulfil all the requirements of the content management system; follow internal style guides; keep up with regular changes to production and process; and read at least weekly email communications outlining areas of required improvement for the freelance team. Severely understaffed and lack of training so you have to be prepared to hit the ground running/ask other staff to help out.If you have any questions or suggestions, please send an email to our support team.Add a Rate All contact with the client was positive.The story did get longer from the original 700-word assignment, with no offer to pay additional money. 0 for a quick-turnaround reported story of 600 words (that ballooned to 1000) and 0 for an 800-word reported story with a feature lede and streeters involved (which ended up being 1200 words)Great topics for anyone writers working within technology and the internet space.It's important to clarify with them at the start that you'd like to do on-going work.I feel both of these changes would be more fair to freelancers, particularly when there is a long wait time for publication (nearly a year in some cases).Took advantage of my inexperience with rates to lowball me.Great for casual work but not if you want to do real journalism. I didn't know anything about the publishing process for this site, and wasn't given any notice of when my article was eventually published.I contracted with them to do a series of blog posts on ecommerce and marketing topics through a freelancer platform. When it was, I checked back in about payment, only to find it out that there was no payment available.


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