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Watermarks can be a valuable enhancement to any Microsoft Word document.They help convey the status of a document such as the “Draft” watermark or promote your branding with an image.

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Your customized version should show on every page of your document. Sometimes you want to spruce things up with an image. The idea is not to select a picture that competes with your document or consumes your printer ink.

In my case,it overwrote my previous Draft watermark with My Custom Watermark. Whether your preference is text or images, Office 365 gives you plenty of options without relying on Word Art.

These watermarks add context to the item and convey its status or importance.

Moreover, they can also add an implied layer of protection.

This is typically an Anyone with the Link (Unlisted) gallery where you keep your site files (like your header image).

But if you don’t have one, just make a new private gallery and call it “Watermarks.”Once it’s uploaded, go to your tab and select \"Manage\" in the Watermarks section to create a watermark from your image. To actually watermark a photo or an entire gallery, go to the gallery customization and choose your watermark. Choose the photo or photos you want watermarked, or the whole gallery.

It may be more than you actually need though because it's a scanner & fax machine as well.

I'd imagine that a lot of the Epson printers have the facility - there's a page HERE for a different Epson model which shows how it's done. Invisible watermark that you hold up to a light to reveal itself and a Photoshop watermark with a regular printer are different. A watermark from Photoshop is simply changing the opacity of the image to make it seem diluted like adding water to an image. Having an image appear when being help to a light source is completely different and CANNOT be achieved with a simple Epson MFP.

You've come to the right place to make your own custom watermark. If you’d like further help or assistance, come and join in the discussions at Digital Grin’s Finishing School Forum. We want it to be good for the largest size display copy that Smug Mug uses. Open your type tool’s menu so you can select the font, font size, font color, and other properties. Again, you’ll want to experiment with different typefaces, sizes, and colors.

The instructions are also the same for PC or Mac users.


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