Parent Involvement In Homework

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The aim of the present study is to examine the link between an effective family-school communication (EFSC) – as one aspect of FSP – and the quality of parental homework involvement in the German context.

For this purpose, we developed a new measure of EFSC.

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I think there is a big difference between answering the questions set for students and in helping them to structure their time and get into, maintain a homework regime as well as supervising and answering questions when they are stuck which surely is beneficial.

By factoring in other variables, he and Hamlin found parental homework help can be beneficial for students in disadvantaged families, especially when compared to advantaged families.

"So we are encouraging especially parents from disadvantaged families to help with homework, to get actively involved at school, and stay actively involved in your child's education to compensate for this disadvantage," says Li.These educational improvement initiatives of the second Bush and Obama administration respectively, both call for increased levels of parental involvement. "But we're now seeing that for disadvantaged families, we still need to encourage them to be involved, because it can be really beneficial to their kids."There is all this debate over parenting and how American parents spend too much energy on their children's education. "We talked about those articles that encouraged parents not to help their kids," Li continues.Taking a self-determination theory perspective on parental need support, the quality of parental homework involvement was differentiated into two dimensions of parental supportive behavior: autonomy support and competence support.We analyzed the data of 309 parents (82% mothers) of school students (52% girls) who participated in an online survey.It was the subject of several stories and opinion pieces in news outlets in the U. and Canada, including The Atlantic and New York Times.Li and Hamlin challenged those findings by adding another, more rigorous layer of analysis that showed the impact of parental involvement in homework is more nuanced than the earlier study suggests and can actually be beneficial among economically disadvantaged African-American and Hispanic students.Recent studies have demonstrated that parental homework involvement may not always foster students’ desired school outcomes.Such studies have also concluded that the quality of parental homework involvement matters, rather than the quantity.Li will present their research at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) this week in New York City.The earlier study out of the University of Texas-Austin and Duke University, was the largest ever at the time on how parental involvement affects student achievement.


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