Patrick Henry Speech To The Virginia Convention Essay

Patrick Henry Speech To The Virginia Convention Essay-36
In 1788 Henry opposed Virginia’s ratification of the new U. Constitution because of his concern that the new central government would have too much power.After the Constitution was adopted, he continued to work for the addition of the first ten amendments guaranteeing the freedoms that came to be known as the Bill of Rights.

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His last speech before he died in 1799 was a plea for American unity in response to early arguments favoring primacy of states’ rights.

On May 29, 1848, Wisconsin became the thirtieth state admitted to the Union.

Patrick Henry did a good job, and at the height of his speech, he convinces the House of Burgesses that the war needs to be fought.

The first thing Henry did when giving his speech was he complimented his opponents, in order to gain their respect and trust.

Henry subsequently stresses that based on the past reactions of the British to their petitions there is no reason to think that Britain will seek a peaceful resolution.

Patrick Henry was born on May 29, 1736, in Studley, Virginia.

At the second Virginia Convention, on March 23, 1775, in St. Henry was the first elected governor of Virginia, serving five one-year terms in this office from 1776 to 1779 and again from 1784 to 1786, alternating with terms as a member of the state legislature.

John’s Church, Richmond, he delivered his most famous speech. There he led the opposition to the bill that became the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom because of his belief that state taxes should be directed to the support of all Christian denominations.

Henry justifies the cause for his speech, using a false dilemma to make the audience believe that there is only two options, when in fact, there are many more.

The two options he gives them are freedom, and slavery.


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