Penalty Or Not Essay

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Human behavior and history have shown that the rational human instincts do not prevent people from committing crimes.

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They are more affected the simple explanation by the phrase, ‘you murder, and we execute you’.

From this generalization, we can come up with the idea that the death penalty would serve as a form of deterrence.

However, it is worth noting that these statistics do not mean that country that carries out the death penalty cause a brutalization effect.

They, in the real sense, show the evidence that deterrence is not in any way causing a decline in the number of reported homicide cases per year.

However, it should be noted that assumption is far from facts.

There lacks sufficient evidence to prove that such a capital punishment can work as a form of deterrence.The brutalization effect has it that the rates of homicides will tend to go up because of the executions in states.One might pose the question of how the active and potential murders are influenced by the actions of the state.The death penalty is not effective and should be dropped as a form of punishment.Body The assumption can be considered as the only fact that rings in peoples’ mind when they make the statement that death penalty is an effective deterrence.The American society of criminology, The Academy of Criminal of criminal justice and the law and society association carried out a survey concerning thee capital punishment.A large majority of those that were interviewed believed that the punishment is not a proven deterrence method to homicide.In Canada, the act of carrying out death penalty has proved to be an ineffective form of deterrence.The country decided to abolish this form of punishment in 1976 and sought other means of punishing capital crimes.Would just inform the population of the law and it would be afraid so much to never commit a crime again.It is unfortunate that there are those who commit crimes out of passion and care less of the possible repercussions.


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