Perfect Business Plan Example

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If your clients pay less for your service than it costs to run the program, how will you make up the difference?

Use this section to talk about how you’ll work with other organizations.

If you’re currently serving children ages two to four, do you want to expand to ages five to 12?

Use this section to talk about your long-term goals.

Write it as though you might share with a prospective donor, or someone unfamiliar with your organization: avoid internal jargon or acronyms, and write it so that someone who had never heard of you would understand what you’re doing.

Your organization is special or you wouldn’t spend so much time devoted to it.In a for-profit business plan, this section would be about marketing and sales strategies.For nonprofits, in this section, you’re going to talk about how you’re going to reach your target funding sources (donors, foundations) and how you’re going to reach your target client population.If you’re a private school, for example, you might think of your main target market as alumni who graduated during a certain year, at a certain income level.If you’re building a bequest program to build your endowment, your target market might be a specific population with interest in your cause who is at retirement age.Before you secure funding, you want to make sure there’s actually a need for what you’re offering.nonprofits too.You’re competing with other nonprofits for donor attention and support, and you’re competing with other organizations serving your target population.Using your business plan as a living document—a tool that’s reviewed and updated regularly—for tracking financials and monitor project-based and funding milestones can make that process more streamlined.It can also help you court major donors who will probably be interested in having a deeper understanding of how your organization works and your fiscal health and accountability.Your target market might include social workers who work with children in a particular geographical location.Again, if you’re not sure who exactly your target clients are, do some market research to make sure your assumptions are true.


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