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In 2013, a study was conducted by Feeding America and found that 15.8 million children in America alone live in food-insecure houses.This means that most of the time these children are coming to school hungry or going back to a house where they may not have access to the most nutritious dinners.

I would have kids start crying when I told them they didn't have money in their account because they were terrified of getting the cheese sandwich." Despite being a lovely human being and making sure children weren't forced to leave the lunch room hungry, she lost her job, which is pretty freaking confusing.

The policy of the elementary school is to allow students a hot lunch three times when they forget their money, and on the fourth time they are given a hamburger bun with a single slice of cheese and a carton of milk.

However, rightfully so, she doesn't feel sorry for it and would do it again.

35 year-old Della Curry told ABC News' Clayton Sandell, "I was let go for not charging for all of the food I gave to the students.

How can we expect children to succeed when their dietary needs are not being met?

How can we expect our literacy rates to rise if our youth's brains are too distracted by hunger to focus on the information we expect them to know?

However, this shouldn't have factored into the equation: children should be provided with a hot, nutritious meal in schools whether they come from affluent families or not.

When you begin deciding which students should be assisted and which ones should not, you bring up the emotional baggage that comes with asking a child to tell you they're unable to feed themselves at home.

By implementing across-the-board free breakfast and lunches to students, the school system is investing in the mental and physical well-being of the future of our country.

Della Curry is a woman who did what anyone with a heart would: she gave help to those who needed and asked for it.


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