Persuasive Essay On The Diary Of Anne Frank

The reason for much is that they were of Jewish origin, and they were living in German area occupied by Holland.Therefore, to explain the idea and the fear that they had, the family immediately went into hiding the moment Annes sister Margot was called up to face the authorities.

Therefore, the film makes us see the happenings and the events that are taking place through the eyes and view of Anne Frank.

Hence, as the audience, it makes us become part of the movie.

Consequently, another symbolism in the movie is when there is a talk about menstruation as Aunt Flo notes that getting your first period is a symbol of body change identifying the readiness of the body to be ready to baby make.

Lastly, symbolism in the movie can be identified through the writing that Anne Frank was always doing.

For example while in the secret annex, she expressed the desire to become immortal through the use of paper.

Thematic Analysis Change is the central point theme of focus in the story.Interestingly, the majority of the diary writings and events takes place in the secret hiding.A challenge of the secret hiding place is portrayed in that the families hiding in the room were always required to be enough especially during the working hours to avoid being identified.In the diary, on Thursday, July 9th, 1942, Anne records by drawing the diagram of the office which plays a significant role in the explanation of the hiding place. In this event, she develops dreams about another Peter that she was in love with to the extent of getting the two Peters confused in her head.The movie explores to us how Anne becomes sensitive to the worlds suffering making her think that everybody hates her.The movie, Diary of Anne Frank is adapted and is based on Anne Franks diary.In the journal, it is noted that on Annes 13th birthday, her parents were responsible for giving Anne Frank a journal.Movie information The diary of Anne Frank is a movie that was released in the year 1959 on April 17th.The film was released in Netherlands as it has a setting from the same region.The change affects its self when there is a civil war in the region causing a racial rift as the Jewish are separated from other individuals like the Nazis.The movie focuses on change also when it explains the alteration of the body of Anne Frank from a young girl who matures into a young woman.


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