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If you want your manager to say yes to telecommuting, consider the following factors: Thinking about telecommuting but not sure how to discuss the topic with your boss? First, find out how your manager feels about telecommuting so you can build a solid case for why you believe it will work for you in your specific situation.

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In Telework Exchange’s 2008 study, they found that 84 percent of Americans depend on their own vehicle to commute to and from work.

These workers spend an average of $2,052 on gas and 264 hours of travel time per year for their work commute.

However, households will also have to set aside areas for work – particularly if both spouses are telecommuting.

However, although the ideas of more time at home and less time traveling are attractive, there are some drawbacks to telecommuting.

I fill up my gas tank half as often and don’t spend $10/day on lunch because I can make my own food.

Plus, I won’t complain about missing hours of traffic every day, or having to be at work by 7am to avoid aforementioned horrendous traffic.So, if you’re a boss and want to help your employees decrease their carbon footprint and have a hand in saving huge amounts of resources, don’t ignore this.Take a look at some of the following resources to get your office in the green.What it really means is that your manager doesn’t feel like he or she has control over your 8 hour work day., (believe it or not, my company gave it to me on my first day) and the authors (who used to be HR folks at Best Buy and implemented the program in their corporate offices) talk about focusing on results instead of time.It’s a pretty revolutionary concept for the average office, but it is based on treating employees like responsible adults who know how to do their job. And, believe it or not, even the Federal Government has a website set up for their own telecommuting initiative.Often the lack of “face time” is brought up for why an employee can’t work from home (or a cafe, library or anywhere else with wifi).With technology like Skype, the ironically named Facetime for i Phone and i Pad, video i Chat and myriad other options, that excuse doesn’t really hold water any longer.There will be greater need for high-bandwidth connections to link the office and the home, and even homes to other homes, as other employees and supervisors also begin working at home.Hours spent commuting, traffic jams, and fights for parking should diminish, as workers make fewer journeys or work staggered hours. Workers, both husbands and wives, can arrange their work around family commitments such as taking children to school, cooking, leisure activities, etc.Wouldn’t you love to save even half of that time and money?Imagine what we could do with it…spend more time with friends and family, have time to work on a garden or maybe even get 8 full hours of sleep. An outdated and archaic view on how work gets done most efficiently.


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