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Some parents see no other way than starting to pay their children if they get a good grade at school.Everyone needs money; a financial reward can be a good motivating thing. They believe parents spoil their children and waste family budget on useless and even harmful things like alcohol and cigarettes.

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Any high school or college (scholarship) essay includes several important steps to obey: it states the topic's thesis, provides supporting arguments based on the reliable evidence, and concludes the discussed findings.

The effectiveness of your essay depends on the conclusion and your thesis formulation.

It is better to conduct additional research to get the latest facts and statistics on mass murders in schools and colleges, which may be associated with violent video games.

Find a strong argumentative part which points to the threats of violent games.

A good paper should have an opposing point, which will help you to prove your intended message.

At this point, content sequence matters - place your argumentative paper in the following way to assure a smooth thought development. We offer an above outline to structure the information in a logical way, without missing out any important point, and build a strong persuasive strategy.

Our suggested persuasive paper topics have many angles; you may use them to catch an eye of your reader, argue about the specific issue, and then persuade that your persuasive idea is correct.

Once you reach the goal, your chances of getting a high grade increase.

At any age, you may face the need to convince people of the importance of your ideas, and we offer the following ideas for persuasive essays which that will suit the piece best of all.

It might be easy to convince your teacher or parents, but if you write for children, you might face strong opposition in the face of those people who support video games.


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