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All doctoral students in the Woodruff School have to do a Ph. Proposal Presentation as well as a Defense of their Dissertation.

All of the proposal and defense dissertation announcements since this page was created in 1997 are archived here.

The committee also plays an advisory role to the student during the research study. Program is a member of DAGSI, it is strongly encouraged that a faculty member from a DAGSI partner serves on the committee.

By the end of the first year of study (16 credit hours of regular graduate coursework), the student, in consultation with the dissertation advisor, should select a Dissertation Committee of at least five graduate faculty members, including the dissertation advisor, who will serve as the committee chair. In consultation with your dissertation advisor, you should choose the remaining four members of your committee.

You can always create full sentences and paragraphs later.

The important thing is to get some of your initial thoughts down on paper or imputed in the computer, no matter how rough or inarticulate they may sound at first.

However, if you force yourself to write, preferably at the same time every day, it’ll become easier as you train yourself to “turn on” your writing skills on a regular basis.

Treat the dissertation as you would your job, but treat it as though it’s your muse, too. Keeping ideas in your head doesn’t make you a writer; writing does.

Novelists and playwrights don’t write that way, and neither should you. It’s always helpful to have some paper and a pencil handy so that you can write things down as you think of them.

Don’t rely on your memory because you may easily forget later.


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