Picking A Dissertation Topic

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Surely, you would contribute something to the dataset that would ostensibly fit under a subject heading, and possibly a set of existing keywords, but to push the envelope your topic should meet meet three criteria.

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A man raised in poverty becomes a financial counselor to help merchants in neighborhoods like his own succeed in their businesses.

Such motivations generally guarantee sustained interest in a dissertation topic.

I have four pieces of advice to offer that I hope you follow, plus a tidbit that is not mandatory.

You’ve probably heard a gazillion times that new research should “push the envelope,” but I’d bet that the likelihood that you had a clear explanation of what that means has not been given to you.

Tiptoe to Your Topic Choose one or two of these recommendations to explore each day.

Don’t push but relax and let your unconscious lead you.

You’ve learned more about why you should earn your Doctor of Education (Ed D), and now you’re ready to apply.

As part of the Northeastern application process, however, you’re required to submit a problem of practice that you want to pursue throughout the course of your doctoral program.

A man becomes an oncologist because he couldn’t save his mother from Stage 4 cancer.

A woman becomes a social worker specializing in cases of battered women because in childhood, every night from a crack in the closet door, terrified she watched her father beat her mother.


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