Plastic Surgery Arguments Essay

Plastic Surgery Arguments Essay-21
This reiterates the change in the scope of plastic surgery.

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Also referred to as aesthetic surgery, plastic surgery is used to improve the physical image of the people who are suffering from burns, skin cancers, as well as people who suffer from congenital abnormalities.

The demand for aesthetic surgery keep rising, raising the question of ethics and considerations on the side medical plastic surgeons and the people seeking for such services.

It is apparent that reconstructive surgery as a medical practice is shifting to cosmetic, also known as aesthetic surgery.

A deeper look into the medical practice of reconstructive surgery reveals that it was part of surgery, which was meant to improve the health of patients who had complex medical conditions that required reconstructive surgical operations.

This paper argues that cosmetic surgery presents a lot of risks for the patients.

The other question that comes up at this point concerns the amount of information that should be relayed to the people who seek for plastic surgery services, especially the information on the risks and benefits that accrue from cosmetic surgery (Mousavi 38).However, plastic surgery has changed in scope and practice, especially in the 19 century where most people discovered the possibility of changing their physical make through medical help.Most of the ground work for the growth and development of cosmetic surgery was laid down in the 20 century where professional groups in the medical field were developed, with most surgeons specializing in specific aspects of reconstructive surgery.This is spearheaded by the extreme transformation in the global culture and the intense emphasis on improvement of appearance through surgery and medicine (“Reconstructive Surgery” par. According to Scott, plastic surgery can be defined as, “a subspecialty of medicine and surgery that uniquely restricts itself to the enhancement of appearance through surgical and medical techniques” (1).Plastic and reconstructive surgery is a field in the medical industry that is gaining prominence, especially in the contemporary society where people value innovation in almost every industry. The first groups of people who seek for reconstructive surgery are people with health problems whose conditions can be managed by virtue of undergoing reconstructive surgery.century saw the widening of the scale of reconstructive surgery due to the increase in the number of people with intense injuries that required intense reconstructive practices.Therefore, the methods of repairing the wounds that were disfigured were developed by surgeons like Harold Gillies and Archibald Mc Indoe during the 20 century.More people continue to spend billions of dollars on aesthetic surgery even as others continue to raise questions about the ethical stance in plastic surgery.Therefore, this paper explores the issue of the growing concern about the ethical principles and considerations in cosmetic surgery.During this time, the practice was used as a means of reducing injury and deformity.However, the modern day practice of cosmetic surgery, which is mostly confused with reconstructive surgery, is more elective and dwells on the aesthetic reasons rather than the real medical reasons.


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