Presidential Or Parliamentary System Essay

Presidential Or Parliamentary System Essay-65
The legislative branch can act as a ‘defendant’ of the public when the government exercises unreasonable policies.

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Some of the head of state is chosen by succession and the others are usually chosen by a governmental body like the legislature.(Cite) The chief executive is responsible for the other part of the country management, he is the chief of the executive branch, and he is responsible for the policymaking and also the daily operation of the government.

The chief executive is usually come from the majority party in the parliament, however when there is not a majority political party, there may be a coalition government governing the state, like in Britain.

As mentioned above, the executive cabinet was chosen within the parliament and it is usually dominated by a majority party.

Hence, whenever the government proposes some new policies, the legislators which most of them are in the same party or same line with the government will support and vote for the policies, the policies proposed by the parliamentary government would have a much higher chance and less resistance to be executed. ) However, the parliamentary system has a vice which is also because of its structure.

Both the parliamentary and presidential system has its own virtues and vices and it explain why there are different countries supporting different system based on their situation and their historical background and real needs.

However, they do not have absolute virtues and vices, there are only comparatively advantages.

The fast pace of making decision cannot ensure the quality of the decisions made.

On the other hand, the presidential system has also got its own virtues and vices.

Since the government is elected and chosen by the parliament, the power of parliament is strong enough to turn over the government.

“The parliamentary system offers no job security” (cite).


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