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The easiest way to teach students how to choose an operation is to teach them to identify key words.

The two strategies listed above are just two problem-solving strategies students can use. In order for students to become great problem solvers, it is suggested that students keep a problem-solving notebook.

In this notebook students should keep important information that they can refer to, like the “Key words” mentioned earlier, as well as these tips: Which teaching strategies do you use to show your students how to problem solve?

A critical goal of the solution process is the deepening and extension of students' understanding of mathematical concepts, along with development of problem-solving expertise.

The problems you select and the way you teach them should foster a positive problem-solving disposition in all students.

Teaching mathematics to children can be extremely challenging, especially when it comes to problem solving. Problem-solving tools are the key to enhance the problem-solving proficiency in students.

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Using teaching strategies to get students to use the right solving formats is just as important as getting them to get the correct answer.

Use the information learned in this session to plan a lesson for one of your classes.

Remember, for true problem solving to occur, a problem of mathematical significance should be selected in which no solution method is readily apparent at the outset.

Enrichment: For students who need an extra challenge, provide the Math Ninja worksheet.

Support: For students needing support, provide and go through the Monster Word Problems worksheet in a small group setting.


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