Problem Solving Methodology Steps

Problem Solving Methodology Steps-55
Collective problem solving is problem solving that includes many different parties and bridges the knowledge of different groups.

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Every team in any organization, regardless of department or industry, needs to be effective, creative, and quick when solving problems.

In this article, we’ll discuss traditional and creative problem solving, and define the steps, best practices, and common barriers associated.

Joe Carella is the Assistant Dean for Executive Education at the University of Arizona.

Joe has over 20 years of experience in helping executives and corporations in managing change and developing successful business strategies.

Without a clear articulation of the problem at stake, it is impossible to analyze all the key factors and actors, generate possible solutions, and then evaluate them to pick the best option. Elliott Jaffa is a behavioral and management psychologist with over 25 years of problem solving training and management experience.

“Start with defining the problem you want to solve,” he says, “And then define where you want to be, what you want to come away with.” He emphasizes these are the first steps in creating an actionable, clear solution.

Creativity is embedded in this process by incorporating diverse inputs and/or new ways of organizing the information received.”Laura Mac Leod is a Professor of Social Group Work at City University of New York, and the creator of From The Inside Out Project®, a program that coaches managers in team leadership for a variety of workplaces.

She has a background in social work and over two decades of experience as a union worker, and currently leads talks on conflict resolution, problem solving, and listening skills at conferences across the country.

In today’s competitive business landscape, organizations need processes in place to make strong, well-informed, and innovative decisions.

Problem solving - in particular creative problem solving (CPS) - is a key skill in learning how to accurately identify problems and their causes, generate potential solutions, and evaluate all the possibilities to arrive at a strong corrective course of action.


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