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Also, any metric that is behind presents a chance to solve a problem.Missed targets are, in fact, one of the best sources of problem solving opportunities.It was developed when we needed to quickly identify and evade sabre-tooth tigers.

The most prevalent way people look at this relationship is that they focus on a change in performance, meaning that the reality side of the equation shifts.

For example, consider a process that used to be capable of meeting a quality standard.

So, we overcome this wiring by using a structured approach to problem solving.

There are many benefits to not simply ‘winging it.’ The more complex a problem, the more a structured method will help you.

On occasion, you may even find an easy fix related to this situation.

Sometimes an effective process exists, but is not, for some reason, followed.The problem is that you might not know what the ideal state is.Or, you might not understand how you are currently performing.Regardless of how the gap formed, though, the methods used to close it are very similar.Most people tend to approach problems informally, or without any structured approach at all.With experience, you can shift the bands in the matrix image in the direction of the yellow arrow. It is far more likely, though, that you will come up with a worse solution than you could have by using the full methodology.As mentioned in the overview, there are many different formal approaches to problem solving.Problem solving gets much less daunting, though, when you realize that all problems are related to a process, or set of processes, at their source.If your find and fix that process, the problem goes away.On the surface, the problem solving definition sounds simple.Just close the gap between reality and the way things should be.


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