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The A3 Thinking process team can work purposefully by pointing out the contents and the details of the countermeasures. A countermeasure could be that Stock Control maintains contacts with both the suppliers and the customers on a daily basis.

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When there are deviating results, it is important to find out what could have caused these deviations.

Subsequently, changes and/or adaptations will have to take place in the process, so that the goal will still be achieved. Is A3 Thinking Process applicable in today’s modern businesses and organizations?

Based on the evaluation, another problem can be identified, as a result of which the whole cycle of the A3 Thinking Process begins again. By documenting this part of the A3 Thinking Process, the people involved will have a better understanding of the working method and the problem analysis and problem resolution will have more structure. What is your experience using the A3 Thinking process?

What are your success criteria for a good A3 Thinking process?

Car giant Toyota has included the ability to continuously carry out improvements in operational performance in a structured process. Toyota describes problem identifications in a 10 step plan in which cooperation and personal development of employees is promoted.

Both the results of the problem identification and the planning are represented in a concise A3 report.Through regular meetings, the A3 LEAN thinking process team can map out the steps of the execution, tasks, actions and deadlines.Only by means of evaluation it is impossible to determine whether the final results have been achieved.Typically tough problems are solved by teams rather than individuals because it takes several different perspectives to form a complete analysis of what is at the root of the issue.By using a standard process that all team members are familiar with, a diverse group of people will have a common understanding of the step-wise process, terminology and techniques to efficiently and effectively tackle long-standing or acute problems.Most organizations are perfectly capable of solving problems.However, realizing a structured problem solving approach is often much more difficult.The follow up plan enables the correct and proper execution of the implementation plan.: by carrying out spot checks, it will become clear whether the deliveries have improved.By finding out the causes of the problems, measures can be taken. Another good LEAN Manufacturing tool to analyse data is the Pareto Analysis The underlying causes can be properly addressed by using countermeasures.The main causes are identified by the so-called ‘: Why are deliveries late? As a result of this, structural changes are made in the work processes and the work will become more efficient once more.


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