Problem Solving Topics

Not all problems can be solved and decisions made by the following, rather rational approach.

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On top of that you will have to justify your choice and write you do you think that the specific solution is better than others.

This can be bit difficult if you try and solve any random problem.

(Note that it might be more your nature to view a "problem" as an "opportunity".

Therefore, you might substitute "problem" for "opportunity" in the following guidelines.) This is often where people struggle. Instead, seek to understand more about why you think there's a problem.

For example, if you're very stressed out, it'll probably look like others are, too, or, you may resort too quickly to blaming and reprimanding others.

Or, you are feel very guilty about your role in the problem, you may ignore the accountabilities of others.You can write on how a player can make a comeback or how the player can recover quickly and get back in shape.© Copyright Carter Mc Namara, MBA, Ph D, Authenticity Consulting, LLC.A major advantage of this approach is that it gives a strong sense of order in an otherwise chaotic situation and provides a common frame of reference from which people can communicate in the situation.A major disadvantage of this approach is that it can take a long time to finish.It's easy with this approach to get stuck in a circle of solving the same problem over and over again.Therefore, it's often useful to get used to an organized approach to problem solving and decision making.(A wonderful set of skills used to identify the underlying cause of issues is Systems Thinking.) A person with this preference often prefers using a comprehensive and logical approach similar to the guidelines in the above section.For example, the rational approach, described below, is often used when addressing large, complex matters in strategic planning.If the problem still seems overwhelming, break it down by repeating steps 1-7 until you have descriptions of several related problems.It helps a great deal to verify your problem analysis for conferring with a peer or someone else.


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