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They offer no general rules or principles for describing or predicting the outcome of most cases and require multiple criteria for evaluating solutions.

Examples of ISPs include redesigning a work process, designing a new product, or creating a new marketing strategy.

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In order to understand what an ill-structured problem is and to design a collaborative environment to facilitate solving one, it is important to distinguish ill-structured from well-structured problems.

Well-structured problems are those in which the initial state, goal state, and constraints are clearly defined.They require learners to make judgments about the problem and to defend their judgments by expressing personal opinions or beliefs.ISPs possess multiple solutions and solution paths, or may no possess no solutions at all.As in any continuum with opposites, most problems fall somewhere between well-structured and ill-structured problems.Moderately-structured problems share aspects of both well and ill defined.These are often referred to as "tricks of the trade" and include effective techniques and approaches for accomplishing tasks.Heuristics are acquired through the use of solving multiple problems similar in context and scope.In other words, solving a well-structured problem is accomplished by recalling procedures and performing them exactly as taught.Examples of well-structured problems that people perform at work include using a coffee machine, turning on and logging into their computer, and accessing email.In organizations at every level, solving ISPs holds the most value compared to solving more well-defined problems that can be automated or taught more easily.Solving ISPs requires the acquisition and use of expertise of context specific knowledge.


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