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Below, you will find some websites and resources that can help you make the best resume, cover letter or curriculum vitae.Your resume is meant to be a marketing tool that tells an employer why they should hire you.

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Here’s an inside info for you…The reason my friends recommended Resumeble to me was because they have specialized resume writers with specific experience in Canada immigration resumes. But just specify this on their live chat and insist on getting one of those experts assigned for you.

You’ll get to talk one-on-one with your assigned writer, and you can change them if you feel they are not the right one. Here is why having a Job Offer with a Canadian employer boosts your chances of getting PR significantly..

Your resume should be written in point form and utilize action verbs.

Try to use a variety of words to show that you have a strong vocabulary.

Express Entry for Canada immigration has 3 steps:[Step-1] Fulfill minimum eligibility to enter Express Entry Pool[Step-3] Get invited for PR based on the ranking of your profile. I have highlighted “Arranged Employment” (meaning Job Offer with a Canadian Employer) in both the Tables above. In table-1, Arranged Employment has 10 points, which might seem less but it often gives you a slight edge.

The actual importance is realized in table-2…Arranged Employment has a massive 200 points out of total 1200 in the CRS!

These are the most important things I’ve learnt:[1] If you have a Job Offer from a Canadian employer……

you have a massive edge over others in getting the Permanent Residency (PR)So take your job application process and your resume very seriously.(Both of them had job offers before PR application)[2] Your resume would go through ATS (Applicant Tracking System). without the exact keywords that ATS looks for, your resume will not even reach to the right person!! He got massive help from ISB alumni base in Canada)[5] Make sure your Linked In profile is optimized properly.

Resumeble claim that their free review is not automated, instead an actual professional writer reviews it.

I haven’t checked it yet [haven’t updated my resume in a long time :-( ].


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