Profit Sharing Plan For Small Business

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Employees who know that they will receive financial rewards if the company does well are more likely to be motivated to help the company succeed—they have a vested interest in their company's success.For example, a sales department that pays commissions based on individual employee performance fails to build this sense of team.

Regardless of the model, profit sharing is typically determined through a formula with components consisting of certain company metrics.

Accordingly, an automated system of tracking such metrics and incorporating the metrics into the profit sharing plan is key to avoiding payroll headaches.

A highly-paid senior employee can sometimes see very significant profit-sharing bonuses.

For example, 40 or 50 percent of a senior executive's annual salary is not uncommon.

The positive impact of profit sharing is that it sends the message that all of the employees are working together on the same team.

The employees have the same goals and are rewarded equivalently to reinforce this shared service to customers.Profit sharing is an example of a variable pay plan.In profit sharing, company leadership designates a percentage of annual profits as a designated pool of money to share with employees.Each employee is on his or her own—and they act accordingly.However, an employer that is committed to fostering team and cooperation among employees shares the commissions earned with all of the department's employees.For instance, before any payouts are made, the business must achieve a target metric (e.g. In recent years, billable hour-based compensation has come under fire, especially in the legal industry.Many have argued that the model encourages employees to concentrate on billing a certain amount of hours as opposed to delivering quality work.If you can achieve effective alignment through a profit sharing plan, you may enjoy the benefit of increased employee retention, and more buy-in from employees into the company’s mission.Profit sharing comes in many forms that vary both across industries and positions.Below are some common profit sharing models within specific industries.Businesses that bill by the hour have long been known to compensate employees via profit sharing. Both bill by the hour, and both are famous, or perhaps infamous, for partnership hierarchies.


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