Project Management Research Paper Outline

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Authors should make contributions of specialized research to project, program, and portfolio management and its governance theory and to the theory of the project-oriented organization or project network.

They should define any specialized terms and analytic techniques used.

Conception and Initiation: This begins the day you walk into your thesis lab and your advisor hands you a stack of papers and says “here, this will get you up to speed.” During this phase the most important parts are learning as much as you can in your classes (for future reference) and in your lab so that you will be able to understand the basics. Go over the experiments to be done, and figure out why they are being done. Ideally, you will have more than one research goal at a time, so that if one does not work or takes significantly longer than you planned, you will have an additional, worthwhile project to focus your efforts on once you start.

This phase culminates with a formalized process known as the comprehensive exam, where you submit a written proposal outlining your planned dissertation research.

considers all papers in the project, program, or portfolio management field and its governance, or in the fields of project-oriented organizations and networks.

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We do not attach a greater significance to one methodological style over another.

You can apply these tools to smaller projects like writing a journal articles as well.

These are good skills to build as a graduate student since they will serve you well in the future whether you pursue a career in academia, industry, or some other line of challenging project-based work.

must relate to research and provide new contributions to project management theory and/or project management practices.

Each paper should contain clear research questions, which the author should be able to state in one paragraph.


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