Psychology Essays On Schizophrenia

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To some people this scary image is their reality, an actual mental disorder called Schizophrenia.Schizophrenia affects 1.1% of the population which is about 2.2 million people in the United States.Next conduct preliminary reading based on your lecture notes.

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Image a world where reality is distorted and you’re unsure if the voices you’re hearing are real or if you’re the only one that can hear them.

You’re paranoid of the people and things around you and things are not what they seem.

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These approaches hold the promise of new, more effective therapies.

The complexity of schizophrenia may help explain why there are misconceptions about the disease.

While there is no cure for schizophrenia, research is leading to new, safer treatments.

Experts also are unraveling the causes of the disease by studying genetics, conducting behavioral research, and using advanced imaging to look at the brain’s structure and function.

After the symptoms of schizophrenia are controlled, various types of therapy can continue to help people manage the illness and improve their lives.

Therapy and supports can help people learn social skills, cope with stress, identify early warning signs of relapse and prolong periods of remission.


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