Psychosynthesis S Subpersonalities

Psychosynthesis S Subpersonalities-79
These SP generally do not create problems or inner conflicts, unless they are "used" (i.e.

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Inner growth 'This inner development process happens for most of us spontaneously, by itself, driven by "the school of life".

These hidden and/or subconscious SP can sometimes create problems, like inner conflicts, way of acting that one doesn´t recognize or understand, sudden bursts of emotions, etc.

Subpersonalities have all both positive and negative aspects, they have wants and needs that sometimes can collide with other SPs´, that can have completely different beliefs, different maps of reality.

This inner development process contains following distinct steps: • Acceptance: Becoming aware of hidden or obscure SP, but without judging, just observing, becoming aware of how and when these SP are activated, their constructive and/or destructive aspects.

Reaching the insight that these SP exist and that they cannot be (and should not be) eliminated, rather that they can (and should) be nurtured and developed.


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