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Many customers are taking advantage of the proliferation of beer varieties in the U. (due to changes in the law on alcohol production) by seeking establishments that have unique brew styles.The market segmentation is divided into the leading target markets.Below are links to each of the key sections of your Bar business plan: I.

Highlight the current status and future outlook of the industry and how your bar will take advantage of any positive aspects while staying protected from negative ones.

Briefly identify who your target consumer will be, the approximate market size and any anticipated market growth.

For example, your customer will be regularly coming to your bar because you offer relaxation, excitement, fun, sensuality, romance, seclusion or escape from the mundane.

Detail your operations strategies in the business plan's next section, remembering to highlight any operational advantages you might have over your competition (liquor discounts, networks or economies of scale, for example).

State how you intend to serve your customers; this could make a difference if your bar will have customers lounging in plush seats and private booth seating while all of your competitors have bar stools or standing room only.

Finally, describe how you will support the business effort through marketing and customer service.Whether you intend to use your business plan to obtain financing or just for strategic-planning purposes, when you sit down to write your business plan, you will need to identify and address potential pitfalls that could derail your business.Describe your bar concept in general terms: the bar’s theme, atmosphere, business structure (partnership or sole proprietorship, for instance) and value proposition (atmosphere, product, service or all of the above).If you want to start a Bar business or expand your current Bar, you need a business plan. The following Bar business plan template gives you the key elements to include in a winning Bar business plan. Identify and describe your market competitors and their business strategies, particularly how successful (or unsuccessful) they are at attracting your target bar patrons and why.Survey each competitor to determine its approximate number of patrons, traffic on a given night and what consumer type is attracted to its bar environment.From there, you can estimate income and cash flow over the next few years.Doing this not only helps you realize whether your business is viable, but it is also something that lenders and investors will want to see before helping to finance your business.Use this information to find the best strategy to attract your target consumer.Contrast your strategy with your competitors' strategies to determine how it will succeed where theirs fall flat.


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