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There are lots of problems where the solution is Run Away!

There are lots of problems where the solution is Run Away!How stupid it is that people try to convince us that this is not so.

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And then you might fail to hit the mark you need to hit, which just results in less momentum and even less will to do what’s needed. Instead, though your inner-alarm bell might ring violently in protest, what you need is the exact opposite of the “raise the struggle to the direness of the occasion” frame. I’m putting that in all caps, pardon me, because it really needs to sink in.

Obviously, that makes the situation worse, and the idea of what you must do to match the direness of the situation expands in its greatness even more. Instead, what you need is EASILY doable goals, even if they fly in the face of the situation. We are talking about breaking a cycle here, so it’s not something the mind is going to really go along with easily, at least not when it comes down to real action.

As a pressured academic writer, you can find yourself in a state of involuntarily quitting, watching yourself while you are not writing enough.

Now don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with quitting! When quitting is right, you escape all kinds of problems and get a chance for new possibilities.

And you may not even recognize this person: who is this one who doesn’t try, doesn’t commit, and won’t listen to reason— “If I can’t even write this proposal, then how can I expect to get a job, or if I got a job, how would I get tenure?

” Why is all this quitting happening on a day to day basis, when I haven’t quit?

There can be nothing more character building than putting a stop to something and choosing a new direction.

If you have the right attitude, quitting won’t make you weaker.

As the situation gets worse, the mind naturally thinks the efforts need to be stepped up in proportion to the dire situation.

So the idea of what you are shooting for gets bigger and bigger, even while what you’ve accomplished remains the same. And then you watch the involuntary quitting play itself out on a day-to-day basis. If you did not, it means you have failed to set the kind of goal that works. The definition of the right kind of goal is: The goal that is EASILY DOABLE.


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