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First, some people enjoy wearing high heels, regardless of any social pressure to do so, and they would lose the liberty to dress as they please.Second, all taxpayers would have to finance the prosecution of people who are caught wearing high heels.Case in point: Black unemployment has traditionally soared above white unemployment for decades.

While collective action problems are ubiquitous, not all of them are as serious as decisions that produce toxic air pollution or risks of fatal accidents. In some cultures, women are expected to buy expensive high-heeled shoes, which can be painful to wear, costly to buy, and can make it more difficult to run away from attackers.

The main advantage to high heels is that they supposedly give women's legs a more attractive shape.

Moreover, resumes featuring names such as Tamika and Aisha were called back just 5 and 2 percent of the time. have spent lifetimes in a society which traditionally values whites lives over theirs, they are as likely to believe in the superiority of whites, themselves.

The skill level of the faux black candidates made no impact on callback rates. It’s also worth noting that in response to living in a racially stratified society, people of color sometimes complain about whites.

" Digging deeper, we discover studies indicating that, in actuality, discrimination contributes to the black-white unemployment gap.

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In 2003, researchers at the University of Chicago and MIT released a study involving 5,000 fake resumes, finding that 10 percent of resumes featuring “Caucasian-sounding” names were called back compared to just 6.7 percent of resumes featuring “black-sounding” names.Your contribution to the amount of air pollution in Los Angeles, or to global climate change, is insignificant, even if it's true that if everyone chooses the truck, we get more pollution and less safety.The example is a typical collective action problem, which arises when people acting independently produce a worse outcome than they would if they could find a way to coordinate.When slavery was practiced in the United States, blacks were not only considered inferior to whites but regarded as property instead of human beings.During the 1787 Philadelphia Convention, it was agreed that slaves were to be considered three-fifths people for purposes of taxation and representation. My name is Jonny Anomaly, and I teach at Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill.Today, I'm going to talk about collective action problems.Collective action problems are diverse, but one of the most common occurs when everyone in a group shares a goal, but achieving the goal requires only some members of the group to contribute.Examples of this are preserving a clean atmosphere by reducing air pollution, organizing a beach cleanup to remove trash from the sand, and saving an endangered species from extinction.Think of two separate collective action problems: one that is worth solving, and one that is not, because of the problems that attempts to solve it would create. This resource first defines racism as, “The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others” and secondly as, “Discrimination or prejudice based on race.” Examples of the first definition abound throughout history.


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