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These resources help you establish the main focus of the reading, which, in turn, allows you to read with purpose and skim the text more effectively.

Additionally, taking a glance at book reviews on sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble is a useful way to capture the theme of a publication before you begin reading.

When it comes to textbooks and other standard academic readings, skimming can be quite effective.

In addition to course assignments, a substantial amount of academic reading is required in order to write high-quality research papers.

We also consider a sample essay about radiation chemistry (courtesy of Wyz Ant) to illustrate the strategies we explore.

Before you begin reading, try to determine the purpose of the reading as it relates to the rest of the course curriculum.

Reading comprehension and retention of facts and data are two skills you need to master in order to get the most out of your college experience.

Here we'll explore various techniques for academic reading: what to do and what not to do as you try to maximize your reading comprehension.

The University of Southern Queensland notes that one's ability to retain information from a book or journal article is linked to their reading experience.

“The quality of memory is related to the quality of your interaction with what you are trying to remember.


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