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Jews joined in religious communities on the same principle of collegia, although they were structured according to the requirements of their faith.

Since the Jews practiced Judaism that was permitted in the Roman Empire, they got an almost autonomous position, having the opportunity to appoint leaders, distribute funds and the like (Gibbon).

During his trip, Paul preached, taught and familiar a large number of people with a new religion.

This happened in the first century of the contemporary era, at a time when Christianity began to institutionalize.

Also, this behavior is condemned both by the inhabitants of the country and by the authorities, which is why the persecution of the first Christians begins (Chadwick).

Close to the arrival of Constantine, various emperors treated the problem of the popularity and power of Christianity differently and used different degrees of prosecution and penalties.

His disciples were malignantly strata of the population who could rely on respect and recognition only after death, while the social installation of the Roman Empire did not have a particular sympathy for the ordinary population and slaves, who were an essential part of the wealth and prosperity of the empire.

After the death of Christ, his torch is picked up by the Apostle Paul, who begins his journey from the eastern borders of the empire and moves to the western edge.

From the first centuries, the concept of the “martyr of faith” comes to the Christian worldview, which is ready to endure torture, imprisonment and even death for one’s religion (Mac Mullen).

So, until now, Christianity is honored by a large number of martyrs killed in the first centuries.


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