Research Essay On Single Parenting

Introduction Parenting by definition is the act or process of raising children.

Single parenting on the other hand is exactly the same yet with only one parent raising her child or children.

To be able to give the child/children a sense of security in his/her values a single mother needs to double her efforts in relating with her child at the same level.

An example of this can be seen when she is disciplining her child/children, a single mother must be respectful and model the self-control, gentleness, and fairness she expects from her child/children.

Statistics of single parents There are at least three million single parents in the Philippines, or 4 percent of the country's total 76.5-million population as of 2000, based on statistics collated from various official sources.

That means there is a single parent in every group of 25 people, or in practically every medium-size office, or in every three or four households in a village.Becker show that children who are controlled with power-assertiveness have reactions of increased aggression towards other children, resistance to cooperation with authority figures, and hostile active-out behaviors (Becker, 1964).A balance that can be found between the two kinds of methods of control and setting limits on their independence and freedom can help the child develop a positive self-concept.Showing the child/children how she respects other people and they way she treats other people, treats others as adults, how she treats and talks about others outside the family and how she leads her life is what is left etched in the child's/children's minds as they go on to grow up as adults.A mother can set herself as an example to her child as someone who managed to survive in a difficult world alone.Because it is the child's decision to engage him/her in these activities, this kind of action may fall in the age-gap category whereas it is more of a problem that each and every parent in the world faces at a certain period of time.At the same time a single mother may find herself growing towards a new level of maturity in trying to understand her child's/children's actions.Social rearing of children Social rearing of children include teaching them to learn right from wrong, teaching them to be the kind of people who enhance rather than diminish the quality of life in our society and passing on to them a sense of morality, values and social responsibility (Aldrich 1991, 75).Single mothers being the sole parent of the child brings in a negative light in trying to establish a support system for the child to base his/her moral values on, but this does not mean that the child will no longer grow up to be a “good” citizen of this society.Single Parents or Mothers in the Philippines The number of single parents/ mothers in the Philippines has grown rapidly through the decades that have passed and this growing sector in the Philippines will continue to rise as society grows and changes through time.Because solo-parent families are now so prominent in society, they have become a vital subculture that will have to be accepted as a legitimate and valid unit of society (Ortigas 1996, 12).


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