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A number of other dimensions, such as the degree of social sanction or social censure, are outlined that also affect the likelihood that given harm will be regarded as child abuse.Cross-cultural research also reveals that certain categories of children--such as those in poor health, females, unwanted children and those born under difficult circumstances or with disvalued traits or under conditions of rapid socioeconomic change--are more vulnerable to maltreatment in many countries.The paper argues for a two-pronged international strategy that first urges individual countries to make a priority of the particular types of abuse that are in most urgent need of attention in their society as well as participating at the same time in a concerted international focus on three widely occurring forms of child abuse: parental child battering, selective neglect, and sexual abuse.

Therefore, it is timely to assess the gains that have been achieved and review the changes in investigative practices and theoretical formulations that have thus far characterized the field.

From a research perspective, a transition has occurred from unidimensional design approaches to multivariate strategies (e.g., Gaines, Sandgrund, Green, & Power, 1978) that more adequately reflect the complex nature of child maltreatment.

We also share research on trends affecting children and families.

Taking the lead in educating citizens about child maltreatment, Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance (PFSA) has invested in a first-of-its-kind research study to examine prevailing attitudes and social norms in order to identify actionable ways that misconceptions can be corrected and children can be protected from abuse.

If you plan to write a research paper on child abuse, you must first reduce your topic to one of these three categories.

Trying to handle all three in one paper is just too unmanageable.This paper provides a background and suggests a strategy for an international approach to policy development concerning child abuse.First, child abuse is defined in a way that makes it applicable across cultures and national boundaries as that portion of harm to children that results from human action that is proscribed, proximate and preventable.The present paper, supported by a review of the relevant research, explores the problems surrounding the definition of physical child abuse, the gender and recruitment of subjects, the use of informed consent and deception, and the problem of maintaining confidentiality in this area.It is common to decry the relative paucity of empirical research in newly emerging fields, and the area of child maltreatment is no exception.See our collection of child abuse research paper examples below.Child abuse is a very real and prominent social problem today.You may confront hurdles at any point in the process – just as you do with other papers you have written before.And, once that rough draft is completed, who will edit and proofread for you?This is always an issue with students – getting someone who is familiar with the topic and who also possesses excellent grammar and composition skills can be almost impossible.Research paper help is always available at Urgent Essay


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