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“A good topic is considerably narrowed and focused.” For instance, instead of focusing on the entirety of Sigmund Freud’s life, Lo Bello suggests students would be better served examining how one of Freud’s teachings is applied today. For example, no matter how intelligent, cogent, and compelling a paper on Victorian psychology’s penchant for misogyny might read, it would not fit into a course covering neurology.

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Edward’s University, describes an ideal topic as “something that can be researched and have measurable results, [like] researching the correlation between children who play video games and acts of violence vs.

stating that video games cause violence.” “In a paper, you aren’t out to prove anything, but it is meant to share what has already been studied and the results of that study,” she says.

Extremities of any one of these “four Ds” are more commonly termed as 'mental disorders' ranging from addiction, personality disorders, suicide and more.

Constructed from psychoanalytic, psychiatric and clinical research, abnormal psychology is the general scientific and systematic process in which we can understand and diagnose abnormal conduct.

It requires an overwhelming amount of reading and analysis to ensure the highest quality arguments.

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Fortunately, learning how to be savvy with sources saves time and bolsters the final grade.“If you are writing an actual academic paper, you need to use actual academic resources,” says Morris.“When you are finding articles, make sure they are up to date … and you can find multiple articles that state very similar findings.So a student involved in a writing- and research-intensive program like psychology may as well resign themselves to the one thing that will scoot the process along as painlessly as possible – actually understanding how to put one together. But the following guide provides some information to help alleviate some of the pain.The best topics are neither too broad to properly explore nor too narrow to prevent the writer from finding enough supporting information.Nearly every college library subscribes to the most reliable industry journals (such as ), either in print, digital copies, or through a massive database such as JSTOR or the psychology-centric Psych INFO.Librarians can provide the necessary login information as well as arrange interlibrary loans should the school not carry a required resource.“A five- to 10-page paper on Freud is simply not possible because his work is so far-reaching that the student winds up writing a poor imitation of the summary chapter in the textbook,” says Dr.Steven Lo Bello, a psychology professor at Auburn University at Montgomery.“A viable thesis is something that has enough support to make the statement, but also will provide room for further research,” says Morris.As an example, Morris says that something like “When parents spoil their children, they become narcissists” isn’t an adequate foundation for a psychology paper because it “stat[es] something very broad and general as fact.” However, refining and narrowing the very same idea into “Permissive parenting styles may lead to the increase of narcissistic personality disorder” lends itself to a far stronger paper.


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