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He stared at his empty, small, ragged bag, empty except for a few cents. Silently, his eyes closed as if he accepted his poor destiny. Time after time, he still sat there, desiring only some very small present from warm, kind-hearted persons. As a 17 year-old girl, I was very lucky and happy to live in my beloved parents' warm fostering.

And again, he stooped lower, his two hands tightening even more. I couldn't imagine how I would act if everybody treated me with such a frigid attitude. Suddenly, tears were in my eyes, and also in my heart. He won't hurt you." I felt some coins and paper money my mom gave me as a present for the New Year jingling and mixed together in my pocket.

newline To this effect, questionnaire schedule, participant observation, individual interviews and in depth case studies have been composed in an effort to present moving and intimate views of the poor in relation to their past and present in the framework of the dynamics of the socio- economic history of the country at large.

This was done amid the complexity of the beggary problem and the diverse nature of the life experiences of each individual beggar considered in the study.

Besides, the Indian literature on poverty and poverty related issues shows that the macro level approach has often been favored by researchers based on statistics and categorizations.

These attempts often fail to specify the problems, relationships and processes usefully and adequately.

The presence of the old man sitting with arms clasping his knees broke the noisy atmosphere.

I didn't know his real name, where he came from, or who his family was, nor did anyone in my small town. Once in a while, some spoiled children saw him; they threw sand at him, yelling, "Beggar man"¦beggar man"¦." From that time, "Beggar" became his name.*He looked so different from everyone else.

As such, micro sociologists and/or anthropologists of an empirical bent have done little research in India on poverty in general and the problem of beggary in particular.

The objective of this research is therefore to contribute to the apparent literature gap and to compensate the in balance by utilizing qualitative and ethnographic analysis of the beggary problem in the context of the saint days of the modern times.


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