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Then, five or ten minutes before the end of class, talk to students about what they have just done.We need to remember that at least some of these students are now, as freshmen, just discovering how to take notes on sources.In what way does a note differ from a research paper, or "a true research paper"?

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I think this is important because so many students skip this phase and try to write an essay without having completed the research they need to produce a substantive and thoughtful essay.

We’ve all read these kinds of essays—slapdash, lacking in depth or analysis, a patch quilt of different sources that don’t go anywhere.

These are three main principles Focus your approach to the topic before you start detailed research.

Then you will read with a purpose in mind, and you will be able to sort out relevant ideas.

Of course, you might, as I do, have Internet access in your classroom, but it’s better if you ask the students to print out one or two of their sources beforehand.

I recommend letting students take notes for maybe a half hour or forty-five minutes at a stretch.What I am advocating, however, is that we as writing instructors (and I don’t only mean English teachers!) talk much more explicitly about the importance of note taking (or, as some texts now call it, “information gathering”) in the writing process.Your note cards or note sheets will record only ideas that are relevant to your focus on the topic; and they will mostly summarize rather than quote.Ty Cobb (Detroit Tigers) outfielder one of the great all-time players.Teaching note taking skills Here’s how I address the issue with my students.In some of my early assignments, I apportion a whole class or part of a class to simply having students take notes on their sources, which I ask them to bring to class.Your essay must be an expression of your own thinking, not a patchwork of borrowed ideas.Plan therefore to invest your research time in understanding your sources and integrating them into your own thinking.You should take extreme care as you create these note cards, because any time you leave out a single detail, you are creating more work for yourself.You will have to visit each source again if you leave out essential information the first time around.


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