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We have developed a comprehensive process with clear steps that walk the students through the creation of a research paper.

The first step is for students to create a context-based historical question, giving their research a solid foundation and focus.

During this time, teachers can work one-on-one or in small groups. Then, students complete small group activities that encourage them to think about embedding quotations from different angles.

Some topics, like embedding quotations, are great for this structure. Stations and workshops are also excellent avenues to discuss other writing skills, like the concept of framing the essay or using transitional sentences between ideas.

One student who was trying desperately not to plagiarize placed the whole text of her research paper in quotation marks.

These types of errors will continue to happen if teachers are not clear about their expectations.The following are tips to help with the planning: Writing the Research Paper Students need to begin their research project with an interesting topic.However, they need to select one that is not too broad.It may seem small, but allowing students to choose their own topic is actually extremely powerful.When students are passionate about their research assignment, they are more likely to put energy and pride into their work.thesis, claim, logic, evidence) begin the research paper effort.Feeling a little overwhelmed by the daunting task at hand?However, they don't always know how to do it properly.When students are asked to research and not given instruction on the proper way to format a research paper, teachers might receive unusual papers.They should come up with one sentence that tells what the paper will be about or a thesis statement to focus their research.Teachers can require note cards or have students highlight printed notes from the Internet.


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