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Later, she agreed with Reichard, Livson, and Peterson, that personality is important in the study of successful aging.Havighurst’s focus was satisfaction and happiness as the basis for defining successful aging. Active means a person carries over activities and attitudes from middle age into later life.See the section titled, “Positive Aging Theories” later in this article.

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Each of these instances, and others, can cause a person to experience a mental health disorder.

Geropsychologists specialize in providing care to older adults.

Their goal is to help the older adult overcome a problem and increase their well-being. Martin and his colleagues discuss aging from a cultural perspective first.

They explore the similarities between the last two stages of the Hindu model of the life span with more contemporary scholars.

The former tends to follow the definition put forth by Rowe & Kahn (1997).

The latter is akin to a life course-oriented perspective (Foster & Walker, 2015).They work in private practice and in health care facilities.These psychologists research the aging process, and design and test interventions. The Romans and Cicero “idealized old age” (Martin, Kelly, Kahana, Kahana, Willcox, Willcox, & Poon, 2015).This can ease the burden placed on pension programs. For example, socially assistive robotics (SARs) have been in development since 1980. We have to redefine who we are and identify our purpose.Honda conducted research that led to the creation of Asimo. As you’ll read later in this article, this is important if you want to be a centenarian.The loss of autonomy and loneliness also contributes to poor mental health.Older adults might need help managing day-to-day activities that they used to do themselves.It became the first humanoid robot to walk, climb stairs, and have the ability to interact based on predefined constructs (Miller, 2017). By 2030, it’s estimated that 15 million older adults will need mental and behavioral care (APA, n.d.).Read the “Positive Aging Conference” section for more details about business opportunities. Our body might not be able to do the things it did when we were young. Coping with one’s disease or the disease of a loved one can lead to anxiety and depression.In their article, the authors explain the history of theories contributing to positive aging.The theorists they discuss are: Jung who considered late life as a time to look inward.


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