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The United States was now a major part of World War II.

The US Navy was able to recover from the attack on Pearl Harbor fairly quickly.

The Japanese had not damaged a number of important facilities on the Hawaiian Islands, including oil storage depots and repair yards.

Also, no aircraft carriers were in Pearl Harbor at the time of the attack.

Aircraft carriers would soon become the most important type of navy vessels in the war.

Memorial Today there is a memorial to the US soldiers who lost their lives during the attack on Pearl Harbor.It is called the USS Arizona memorial and is built on the water above the wreckage of the USS Arizona.The wreckage is considered a US National Historic Landmark. They damaged many ships including warships, destroyers, and cruisers.They also destroyed a lot of the fighter planes and aircraft at the base. This factor was, of course, the Japanese bombing at Pearl Harbor. involvement more of a probability, one factor in particular would prove to be the final straw which would topple the decision making process from one of restraint to one of action.They destroyed many ships and killed many soldiers.It was this attack that forced the United States to enter World War II. Pearl Harbor is located in Hawaii on the island of O'ahu.They decided to strike in order to prevent the United States from attacking them.The Japanese thought that if they took out the war ships in Pearl Harbor, then the United States Navy would be crippled and would never attack.


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