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It [racing cars] is really interesting, but it doesn't necessarily translate into something he could do while he was here."6.

Serendipity Playing a Part• Richard Nesbitt, director of admission at Williams College:"One applicant talked about how she loves to bake bread.

In the toughest college admission season on record, acceptance rates plummeted at many schools, including the Ivy League.

Kristina Dell explores some of the arbitrary and whimsical reasons that applicants were rejected.

With so many students applying, it's no wonder that some of the rejections feel arbitrary and whimsical. Adds Jim Miller, an admissions officer from Brown University: "The truth is that the differences are ludicrously slender and it's very hard to say to a kid why their candidacy played well or didn't play well."The Daily Beast caught up with a number of exhausted deans and admissions officers from top colleges around the country to get a glimpse of what happened behind closed doors.

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What follows is the good, the bad and the ugly of this year's red-hot admission season, as told in the admissions officers' own words.One kid wrote about why men shouldn't wear "jorts," which I guess are jean shorts. A young woman wrote that she took a summer course and she meant to say in 'organismic biology' but she wrote 'orgasmic biology' and went on to say it was the best course she'd ever taken.We didn't reject her for that outright, but it makes you look twice."• Top state school admissions officer:"We had a few people camp out in our lobby and they refused to leave.For high-school seniors, the stress level of the past two weeks hit an all time high last Wednesday when Ivy League decisions came out.You've probably heard by now that for many schools, this year was the toughest college admission season on record.The person said I am going to stay here until I talk to the people I need to talk to.He talked to everyone who was there and still didn't leave. The person was very respectful and didn't do anything that threatened anyone.I am not opposed to profanity and sometimes it can work. Otherwise, he would have gotten in.""We received pies this year, two from the same person.We didn't take her, but we ate the pies."• Admissions dean at a top liberal arts school:"The tone of the essay matters a lot. Things Raising a Red Flag• Ivy League admissions officer:"We had one great line.One teacher wrote about a student: ' He is not just an athlete.There is so much less here than meets the eye.' Another teacher wrote about a different student: ' Over time, he has developed a set of friends who have learned to tolerate and even accept him.' Both of these students didn't get in."5.


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