Rosa Parks Civil Disobedience Essay

Rosa Parks Civil Disobedience Essay-53
[tags: rosa parks, racism, ciivl rights] - Introductory slide: ( Mrs.Rosa Parks was a an African American woman who’s bravery was unknown at moment, and was a foundation for the society we know now, as her name is to me being as great as the monument that stands for liberty and justice for all…the Statue Of Liberty) Slide 2: In Montgomery Alabama 1955, the segregation laws required blacks to pay at the front of the bus and re-board at the back of the bus.- Rosa Parks, born February 4, 1913, died October 24, 2005.

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Also, she’s one the reasons why there are no more racism around.

America today is filled with many different cultures and people, thanks to Rosa Parks. Well, Rosa Parks refused to move from here seat in the bus and stand up for herself and her people.

1, 1955, Parks was riding a bus home from her job and sat in an empty section between the rows reserved for white passengers at the front and "colored" passengers" at the back.

The bus filled up, and she and three other black passengers were expected to relinquish their seats because a white man was left standing.

She refused to move when the bus driver approached them, and he called police.

Parks was arrested for violating Alabama's segregation laws. Parks and her husband lost their jobs for being involved in the boycott.

Raymond Parks was active in civil rights, raising money for the legal defense of the Scottsboro boys, a case in which nine African-American boys were accused of raping two white women.

Rosa Parks began attending meetings with her husband about the cause.

She attended the Montgomery Industrial School for Girls and then the Alabama State Teachers' College for Negroes, finishing 11th grade there.

She married Raymond Parks, a self-educated man, in 1932 and at his urging completed high school.


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