Rube Goldberg Assignment

Rube Goldberg Assignment-1
Teacher Tip: This lesson is an introduction to the idea of Rube Goldberg Machines.

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Students are learning about the complex ways a Rube Goldberg Machine completes a simple task.

The lesson addresses MS-ETS1-4, as students are designing their own Rube Goldberg Machine in order to complete the task of popping a balloon using a minimum of three different simple machines.

The extra weight in the pail pulls a cord (I) that opens and lights an automatic cigar lighter (J), which sets off a rocket (K) that causes a sickle (L) to cut a string (M) that allows a pendulum with a napkin attached to it to swing back and forth to wipe the chin. Reuben Lucius “Rube" Goldberg was born on July 4, 1883, in San Francisco, California.

As a teen, he loved to draw and received some basic art instruction when he worked with a sign painter.

Imagine this: Your child drops a marble into a paper towel tube chute.

The marble slides down and hits a chain of dominoes.Building a Rube Goldberg machine is a great hands-on activity for all ages, plus it encourages children to flex their STEM muscles.If you’d like to help your child build his or her own Rube Goldberg machine, here are the instructions!Letting the kids work on it alone was difficult, but ultimately paid off.The kids really had total ownership of the project and it paid big dividends when one of the kids was ready to walk out on the assignment and the other 2 decided to keep going (the first kid came back to the project a few minutes later).4. One of the parents thought the kids already knew the physics but valued the social skills.Rather than pursue a career in art, though, he followed his father's advice and attended the University of California at Berkeley, where he earned his degree in mining engineering.Mapping out sewer pipes and water mains in San Francisco didn't hold Rube's interest for long, though.of events: lifting a soup spoon (A) pulls a string (B) that jerks a ladle (C) that then throws a cracker (D) past a parrot (E).When the parrot jumps for the cracker, its perch (F) tilts and drops seeds (G) into a pail (H). To answer that question, we must take a closer look at the man who first dreamed up these contraptions: Rube Goldberg.They learned a great lesson on the power of persistence (Which could have been taught in a shorter time frame). Ultimately I'm not quite sure what the lesson was, but I know it was something amazing. The kids really came together as a team and bounced ideas off of each other, but they also learned to argue with each other without taking it personally. The kids had a deadline because the basement was needed for a weekend guest.Without this deadline, it would have taken a lot longer, and they might not have gelled as a team quite as much.


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