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As an example, check out this graph I produced for to demonstrate the kind of results you can expect over a six-month period.Additionally, it’s important to remember that your landing page has one objective: to get visitors to opt-in to your email list.This is a crucial distinction when you’re charging premium rates like Neil is.

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Ideally, this quote should pertain to one of the core strengths of your business (something that your competitors cannot replicate). First, you need to consider how your product helped your client go from point A (revisit the common pain points in your buyer persona) to point B.

To find out this information, I recommend surveying your client via email (some marketers prefer face-to-face conversations, but I find email to be more efficient since they have more time to think about their answers and you’ve got a written record of the conversation to refer back to).

Ask them: Hopefully, you’ve been tracking the metrics for your client work.

Metrics such as total revenue, search traffic, email opt-ins, conversion rate and page views are great to include in a case study - so long as you’ve delivered an improvement over time. He mentions a problem that is undoubtedly common in his niche, then describes his solution along with incredible statistical results for increased credibility.

When someone clicks through to your page, there should be no unpleasant surprises in terms of the does an excellent job of providing a cohesive experience for customers that click through to their site from Facebook.

This ad directs to their home page, which aligns well with the ad's copy and imagery: In terms of structuring your landing page, I’ve found that the popular advice for still applies.

Download these three templates and make the job easy: You should be left with something similar to this (courtesy of Hubspot): When you know your ideal buyer intimately, you can pick a client for your sales case study who is a perfect representative of this persona - someone other potential clients will be able to relate to.

Be sure to feature a headshot from the client, as well as a complimentary quote for maximum credibility.

Weaving a powerful narrative, featuring potent statistics and making your client seem relatable is only one facet of creating a good sales case study.

If your goal is to drive leads, your landing page needs to be .


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