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Many of the changes implemented over the years since the SAT’s creation were made out of a desire to ensure that the test would better track the abilities of the takers, particularly in light of the changing goals of education in the world at large.

Some of the changes involved ensuring that the test was as clear and effective as possible, while others were made to ensure that students coming from particular backgrounds would not have unfair advantages.

As an example of some specific changes that have been made to the test, in 2005, the test was changed to better reflect the value of clear and effective writing.

An essay was added to the test as a separate section, distinct from the verbal and mathematical reasoning sections.

As with earlier versions of the test, a wealth of SAT test prep material is available, both in print and online.

Find the SAT help that works best for the style in which you learn.While it may be more difficult to prepare for an unknown essay question, you can sharpen your critical thinking and writing skills through practice.For example, you could select a news story or topical issue from the media, and set a 35-minute time limit in which you address a specific viewpoint on the story.Students may draw on any and all areas of their knowledge and experience in completing the essay portion of the test.In the 2005 update, analogies were eliminated from the test because it was determined that they did not adequately reflect today’s high school curriculum.The modern-day SAT consists of two different sections, one focused on mathematics and computation, and one focused on evidence-based writing and reading.Takers can score up to 1600 points on the overall test, with a total of 800 potential points per section. Because the essay is not as immediately quantifiable as the other elements, it is scored based on the complexity of the idea expressed, the thoroughness with which the ideas are supported and developed, and the writer’s facility with language.SAT testing has never been static and unchangeable.The test has evolved to meet the educational standards of the best colleges and universities and to reflect the material emphasized by the majority of American high schools.Created in the 1920s, the SAT has been around for as long as most of us can remember and continues to be a significant benchmark used by America’s best colleges and universities to select each year’s incoming freshman class.The test’s familiar format has spawned a variety of SAT prep resources — from text and online references to tutorials and classroom courses.


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