Self Identity Essay

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There was considerably less traffic and noise on the streets.We soon became great friends and as our friendship became stronger, I felt I was rediscovering myself again. During my childhood, I focused so hard on changing my ways and being accepted that for a time I felt that I also lost myself in the process. By trying to adopt my friends’ values, I abandoned my own. Once I let go of that superficial self, I no longer had to pretend to be someone I was not and just be who I am. Everyone I was around spoke fluent Cantonese, and I never spoke anything other than Cantonese. By being more “Americanized”, they felt that life would be better and that my sister and I would be more accepted.I was pretty much secluded from the outside world because I never left Chinatown, for I felt this was my home. For that reason, my family and I made the big move to the Sunset District ten years ago; a move my parents hope would be a quick assimilation into the mainstream – the “American” culture- an assimilation that would ultimately change my values and my perceptions of my cultural background.If you can’t love yourself then surely you can’t love others.Without knowing your true identity you won’t be able to be content.Throughout most of my childhood, I have been predominantly exposed to nothing but the Chinese culture.When my parents first immigrated to the United States from Canton, China, they rented a small apartment located right in the heart of Chinatown.If you don’t know your true identity then you are open to the negative opinions of others and then there is no way you can love yourself.Who will you be loving, yourself or the opinions of others.


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