Sex Education In Schools Essay

Each paragraph should contain one argument or fact.

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Here’s an example of an argumentative essay on sex education in schools; foremost let’s have a look on its structure.

It includes introduction, thesis presentation, expectation of objection and conclusion.

World’s sex education classes were appeared because of practical necessity – combating sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

To implement sex education is necessary to improve life quality.

Can this somehow be prevented by encouraging that sex education be included in the curriculum in school?

Persuasive Essay Against Cell Phones In School - Sex Education In Schools Essay

Don't we send our children to school to learn and get an education?Are these parents willing to take time out of their busy schedule to sit their children down and have a one - on -one conversation with their child about sex?Do they themselves know all there is to know about sex and are up-to-date on STD's and contraceptives?From age of two, child can and should be told about ideas of consent and refusal.With schoolchildren it is worth discussing more “adult truth about sex”: sexual orientation, unprotected sex etc.Thesis statement will be more convincing if we provide to our reasoning opposite statement, giving it critical analysis.You can offer compromise solution, some way climbing down opposite opinion.It is important to educate our children on sex and how to protect themselves.Many parents agree that sex education should not be taught to children in school.Contrary to popular beliefs, sex education program is necessary not for college students, it is needed to people of all ages.You should pay attention to two factors in the beginning.


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