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For the most part, Dahl skips dialogue and narrates in paragraph form: “Jack Noonan asked if she wouldn’t rather go somewhere else… She didn’t feel like she could move even a yard at the moment.” This portrays Mary’s true shock at the situation by showing that the night’s events are unraveling quickly and overwhelmingly, but it is also direct, avoiding lengthy dialogue or rigid suspense.Along with this, Dahl presents Patrick as direct but sensitive.

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In Roald Dahl’s original short story, the plot’s progression is more direct, Patrick is less insensitive, and Mary’s motives for covering up her crime are somewhat understandable.

Rather than drawing out the storyline with suspense, tension, and dialogue, Dahl follows the plot directly with cadence.

However, Roald Dahl’s short story “Lamb to the Slaughter” and Alfred Hitchcock’s film version have subtle differences that compliment the similarities.

The film is suspenseful compared to the short story’s direct progression, Patrick is depicted as more of an antagonist in the film, and Mary’s motives for covering up the murder are more understandable in the text.

Unlike Dahl, Hitchcock reveals to the viewers that Patrick hasn’t been loyal to his wife or his marriage through a conversation between two detectives, one saying that Patrick “used to fool around a bit now and again.” Patrick is also very cold and condescending to Mary in the way he speaks to her.

Though Hitchcock portrays Patrick as a stereotypical antagonist, he does not try to make Mary into a relatable or heroic protagonist.The police show up and the mood turns out to be suspenseful until the end of the story as Mary acts like nothing happened. ”she said as she saw him laying on the floor (Mary Maloney, 15), it is clear from this quote that Mary didn’t seem to think that she has done something wrong to hurt him.With them theme showing Love and Revenge this leads the reader to not reject the Love shown towards others. In the very beginning Mary Maloney sounded like a Loving wife who would do anything for her loved ones.The short story “Lamb to the slaughter” writer by Roald Dahl Is about a married couple named Patrick and Mary Maloney.In this story the husband betrays the vow of marriage; it takes place at their own house which Mary awaits her husband as he is coming home from work.This diminishes any sympathy the viewers might’ve had for Mary.After this it is hard to imagine that Mary’s motives could include anything other than self-interest.In contrast to Mary’s quiet giggle at the end of the short story, Hitchcock’s ending shows Mary smiling and giggling maniacally.He also closes the film by telling the viewers that Mary attempted to kill her husband “the same way,” with uncooked meat.It opens us up to the idea that she might have planned out every step towards covering up Patrick’s murder before the night it took place.The film differs from the short story in progression, character depiction, and how self-absorbed Mary’s motives appear.


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