Sids Thesis Statement

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Also, if the cause of SIDS is ever to be discovered this will most likely be the way it will happen.

Also, if the cause of SIDS is ever to be discovered this will most likely be the way it will happen.

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The autopsy is very important to exclude any other cause of death.

As of yet, the main cause of death for infants There are three basic steps in the investigation of a SIDS death: the autopsy, the death scene investigation, and the review of victim and family case history.

What about a condition where death is a prerequisite for diagnosis?

The answer is that chiropractors, homeopaths and their ilk don’t simply focus on the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, some of which only exist in their own fantasies.

How does a bogus alternative practice approach something which isn’t significantly impacted by the many recognized placebo effects?

What about terminal cancer or ALS where with even the best science-based care there is no hope of a cure?Parents should be afraid of poor health outcomes from vaccine-preventable illnesses, for example. In the absence of a plausible mechanism of action and any compelling evidence, what does an alternative medicine practitioner have in his armamentarium?They should be made aware of the repercussions of poor adherence to home asthma management or of not placing their child in a proper car seat every time they put them in a car. But there is a difference between these unavoidable aspects of science-based medical care and the abuse of fear by practitioners of irregular medicine. Manipulators of beliefs and actions have known this for millennia…Advertisers and phony healers use fear to sell us worthless products. I have little doubt that most readers of this website could competently rattle off a number of reasons why a patient might seek out the care of a chiropractor for a variety of conditions, for example, and why the patient might believe the treatments were effective.I devote a significant amount of effort towards teaching residents and students the practice of inpatient pediatric medicine and fear can be a valuable teaching tool when used appropriately. Proper informed consent, for instance, must include potential poor health outcomes related to medical intervention or the refusal of them.So I admit that I take advantage of fear to a certain extent in my practice. I accept that fear is an impetus for seeking medical care.As a pediatrician caring for hospitalized children, I deal with fear on a daily basis. I encounter fear in a variety of presentations, with parental fear the most obvious but probably least impactful on my management decisions.I do spend a lot of time and mental energy calming the fears of others but more managing my own, both struggling to prevent it from biasing my thought process and harnessing it as a productive motivational force.Knowing that the cause of death was not preventable may bring solace to the family.Next, a comprehensive medical history of the infant and its family is important in determining the actual cause of death.We also are big supporters of vaccines, a science-based intervention that has saved millions of lives.Thinking of this aspect of preventative care only serves to make me more infuriated when reading posts on the naturopathic and chiropractic communities’ attempts to gain primary care practitioner status. But nothing frustrates me more than chiropractic claims regarding SIDS prevention.


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