Sir George Savile Essay On King Charles Ii

Sir George Savile Essay On King Charles Ii-35
He hanged himself when he saw that the rebellion would not succeed.He represents Anthony Ashley Cooper, the first Earl of Shaftesbury. The proposals for promoting the woollen-manufactory, promoted Further making it appear, that the nation will thereby increase in wealth, at least 5000 l. A profitable method compiled for the benefit of all indigent people so effectually drawn into a modell, the like before has not been exposed to this our English-nation: wherein is particularized, the several orders and degrees, for the promotion of the linnen manufacture, as also the management and farther improvement of the said benificial exercise to the great encouragement of his Majesties distressed subjects, as likewise for the disburthening the charge of parishes throughout the nation. A model of government for the good of the poor, and the wealth of the nation with such a method and inspection that frauds, corruption in officers, abuses to the poor, ill administration of materials, &c. VVritten, vpon occasion of the confirmation of the Prince his Highnesse, performed on Munday in Easter-weeke, 1613. The order and course of passing bills in Parliament. yeare of his Majesties reigne, first on horse backe from White Hall to Westminster-Abby-Church, and from thence on foot to the Parliament house. Mill'd lead sheathing for ships against the worm, plainly proved to be better than the best and above cent. cheaper than the ordinariest wood-sheathing can be; besides divers other advantages to the publick. Some necessary and important considerations (to be consider'd of by all sorts of people) taken out of (that late worthy and renowned judge) Sir Matthew Hale's writings, and therein his own experience of the inward and invisible guidance of the spirit of God. Also, the old Dutchesse of Hamilton's prophesie (grandmother to the foresaid Duke) concerning the routing of the Scots army, and the extirpation of the family of the Stuarts.

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Barzillai lived beyond the Jordan River and sustained David during Absalom's rebellion.

He stands for the Duke of Ormonde, a patron of Dryden and one of the most devoted servants of Charles.

Prynn (who was ordered to search them by a committee of the then Parliament) on Wednesday, May 31, 1643 : with some historical remarks on the Jesuits, and A vindication of the Protestant dissenters from disloyalty : also, A compleat history of the Papists late Presbyterian plot discovered by Mr. A sermon needfull for theese [sic] times wherein is shewed, the insolencies of Naash King of Ammon, against the men of Iabesh Gilead, and the succors of Saule, and his people sent for their reliefe. In answer to a rayling pamphlet, lately put forth by George Whithead. Thomas Bowyer, merchant, who died the 8th day of February 1659, and was buried the 22th of the same moneth, in the parish church of St. And from yt time is added with a co[n]tinuacion of the storie in prose to this our tyme, now first emprinted, gathered out of diuerse and sondrie autours of moste certain knowelage [et] substanciall credit, yt either in latin orels in our mother toungue haue writen of ye affaires of Englande. B., a seminary priest of Rome, upon two of the articles of the Church of England in a booke imprinted in anno 1632, intituled, The judgment of the apostles and of those of the first age in all points of doctrine, questioned betweene the Catholikes and Protestants of England as they are set downe in the nine and thirty articles of their religion : with an appendix concerning Episcopacy / by a lay gentleman. ]] vagabones, set forth by Tho[mas Harman, Esquier, for the [? Concio quædam admodum elegans, docta, salubris, & pia magistri Iohannis Harpesfeldi, sacre Theologiæ baccalaurei, habita coram patribus & clero in Ecclesia Paulina Londini .26. Item magistri Hugonis VVestoni, decani VVestmonasterij, uiri longè doctissimi & eloquentissimi, ac cleri referendarij. The former containing the first præliminary of Oceana, inlarged, interpreted, and vindicated from all such mistakes or slanders as have been alledged against it under the notion of objections. With the manner of their doctrine, christnings, vveddings, and burialls. Being the manner of finding the head of the late murder'd person, who was cut to pieces: it being found between twelve and one a clock at night, in the House of Office, near the house of Mr.

Dangerfield, wherein an account is given of some late transactions of Sir Robert Peyton. This is published for the securing the saints, keeping others out of the snare, and (if possible) the reducing some of those that have been seduced by their destructive principles. A charge given at the general quarter sessions of the peace for the county of Surrey holden at Dorking on Tuesday the 5th day of April 1692, and in the fourth year of Their Majesties reign / by Hugh Hare. The groundworke of conny-catching, the manner of their pedlers-French, and the meanes to vnderstand the same with the cunning slights of the counterfeit cranke : therein are h[a]nd[l]ed the practises of the visiter, the fetches of the shifter and rufflar, the deceits of their doxes, the deuises of priggers, the names of the base loytering losels, and the meanes of euery blacke-art-mans shifts, with the reproofe of all the diuellish practises / done by a iustice of peace of great authoritie, who hath had the examining of diuers of them. Oratio coram patribus & clero habita, mirè elegans ac valde docta, cum responso et exhortatione reuerendi patris, domini Edmundi Loninensis episcopi The vvayes and meanes whereby an equal & lasting Commonvvealth may be suddenly introduced and perfectly founded with the free consent and actual confirmation of the whole people of England. The Rota: or, A model of a free-state, or equall common-wealth: once proposed and debated in brief, and to be again more at large proposed to, and debated by a free and open society of ingenious gentlemen. Together vvith a relation of the knavery that some of their teachers practised to enrich themselves withall. Fresnear, a fringe-maker, near Exeter-Exchange, on Sunday-night, the 5th instant February, 1687.

He accompanied Charles II during his exile and served him faithfully during his misfortunes.

Jotham stands for George Savile, Marquis of Halifax, and nephew of Shaftesbury.

And the most material pleas that can be brought for it, considered and answered. Published for the clearing of their innocency from the cloud of transgression, of which they are supposed highly guilty, and by reason of their silent abiding such sharp, and long, and cruell sufferings. To this book must be joyned Lingua testium, being its proper preface. Truly representing, the horrible iniquity of the times; the dangerous proceedings of the ranters, and the holding of no Resurrection by the shakers, in Yorkshire and elsewhere. Susurrium cum Deo soliloqvies, or, Holy self-conferences of the devout soul upon sundry choice occasions with humble addresses to the throne of grace : together with The souls farwell to earth and approaches to heaven / by Jos. The shaking of the olive-tree the remaining works of that incomparable prelate Joseph Hall D. late lord bishop of Norwich : with some specialties of divine providence in his life, noted by his own hand : together with his Hard measure, vvritten also by himself. Ourography or Speculations on the excrements of urine with the distinctions, causes, colours, and contents thereof: and other symptomes observed in nature. A cordial for Christians traveling heavenward being the substance of some sermons upon the eight chapter of Paul's Epistle to the Romans / preached in the city of Edinburgh by a minister of the Gospel there. Also, another army advancing out of Scotland, under the command of Gen. And a great fight neer Carlisle, between the two armies, and the number killed and taken. VVith a briefe and exact commemoration of all the wicked plots of the papists, from the first intended malice unto this day against the Protestants.

Inclosure thrown open: or, Depopulation depopulated. Not by spades and mattocks; but, by the word of God, the laws of the land, and solid arguments. Being a relation of the hard measure sustained by Miles Halhead, and Thomas Salthouse, for the testimony of Jesus: particularly in a long, and sore, and close imprisonment, first at Plymouth, and then at Exeter in the county of Devon, though they have neither offended the law of God, or of the nation. Manus testium movens: or, A Presbyteriall glosse upon many of those obscure prophetick texts in Canticles, Isay, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Habakkuk, Zachary, Matthew, Romans, and the Revelations: which point at the great day of the vvitnesses rising; Antichrists ruine, and the Jews conversion, neare about this time. Homes, with the rest of the independent antichristian time-servers are clearly confuted, and out of their own writings condemned: and against them proved, that the present usurpers in England are that antichristian party who have slain the witnesses, and shall reign but three yeers and an half, which time is almost at an end. The black and terrible vvarning piece: or, a scourge to Englands rebellion. Against James Mc Lurg, George Clerk, Robert Blackwood, William Paton and others. An account of familism as it is revived and propagated by the Quakers shewing the dangerousness of their tenets, and their inconsistency with the principles of common reason and the declarations of Holy Scripture / by Henry Hallywell. Presented to Duke Hamilton upon his entring into England, and the proceedings of the Scottish army thereupon.


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