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"Actually, we even consider two possible types of host stars: a sun-like star, and a red dwarf star (an M dwarf)." For a sun-like star, the authors found that any moon around a gas giant beyond three astronomical units, or three Earth-sun distances, would have a high enough energy flux to stop the tidal thermostat effect from happening.But if the moon is volatile enough, it could have global volcanism - just like what we see on Io.

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Storms larger than planets, moons with under-surface oceans, lakes of methane, worldlets that swap places…and that’s just at Saturn.

This website is an overview of the history, mythology and current scientific knowledge of the planets, moons and other objects in our solar system.

But for exomoons, it's even less clear how habitable they would be in such a system.

"Moons cannot be stable in the very inner regions of the stellar habitable zone," Heller said.

"They might have lots of liquid surface water, but their surfaces could at the same time be blotched with devastating volcanoes," he wrote.

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"Nevertheless, we illustrate that they could be habitable given the right amount of tidal heating, and we show at which distances to their planets these moons would need to be." M-dwarfs are a common target for exoplanet searches because they are smaller and dimmer, making it easier to see planets passing across their surfaces, or the effect of planets tugging on the star itself.

Nevertheless, there's a lot that you can see with a telescope for kids or very modest equipment or even with just your own eyes.

Past generations of people found beauty and a sense of wonder contemplating the night sky.

A better analog, he said, might be Saturn's moon Titan - but with a much warmer surface.

Titan has a thick orange atmosphere, as well as liquid hydrocarbon lakes.


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