Solving Drainage Problems

Solving Drainage Problems-73
Starting at the mouth of the drain pipe, I dug a small trench one foot wide, three feet long (in a straight line from the mouth) and one shovel spade deep (about 8 inches).

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Having a myriad of different products and techniques available to our drainage designers, we custom design strategic drainage systems to fit your property and needs.

Our drainage designers strive to provide you with visibly pleasing, permanent solutions to your drainage problems in a cost effective manner.

But at least it wasn’t coming down the wall anymore. After things dried out, I attempted to use the same technique I used in part 2 to restore the decimated lawn between the gutter drain and the “lake”.

But the grass seed I planted, even though covered in burlap, washed away to the base of my Quince trees, just beyond the “lake”.

Water came gushing out like a dam had broken (because in fact it had…).

With the water came soil, those maple tree seed spinners, bugs, bird feathers, small stones, bits of roof shingle, and various other unidentifiable things – a roof and gutter soup.I’m turning it into a shade garden where I’ll be able to relax on hot summer days after working in the vegetable garden.Suburban Landscaping has been a leader in drainage work in the Chicago south suburbs and Northwest Indiana for over two decades, and continues that tradition with unique and inventive drainage solutions for both small and large projects.This is a great setup for pulling water away from the house, as long as the mouth of each drain pipe is kept open.Turns out the previous owners of my new home hadn’t maintained two of the drain pipes which empty at the same point (see photo below) and it was so overgrown that it was completely hidden from view.As it was on the downside of a hill, I assumed that the lake was being created by hill runoff. Early the first spring after buying my home we were hammered by a string of rainstorms.Water was everywhere, and when I saw it coursing down the outside wall on the back of my house I knew there was a gutter problem.Both short ends of the trench were left open to catch the rain and divert it away from the eroded area.I poured about 3 inches of sand into the bottom of the drain and then added a few inches of the white stones which had been in the patio garden bed from part 2 (When the next hard rain came, I ran outside, took a look and declared myself a success. A good fifty percent of the water coming out of the drain pipes was being absorbed. The water never had a chance to get to the back of the yard.Our expertise covers far beyond the common residential drainage problems such as flooding, standing water, storm water run-off, and soggy lawns.We also specialize in larger projects such as retention ponds, culverts, and negative grade problems.


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